Film & digital accesories

Director Viewfinder

HDSDI Monitors

Small HD 702 / 1700 Px3 / 1700HDR / 24" Studio
Tv Logic 5,6" / 7"/ 21"/24"/32"
28" Client monitor

On board monitors

Small HD 702 BR
Tv-Logic 5,6"
Tv-Logic 5,8" HD

HDSDI and ARRI RAW Hard disk recorders

AJA Ki Pro
Sound Devices Pix 240i
Covergent Design Gemini

video cart

camera cart

Senior and Junior magliners


Anton Bauer, IDX, SWIT, Bebop, Hawkwoods 26V


Fluid Heads and Tripods

Sachtler 9+9 / O'Conner 2575D, 2065, 2560.

Easyrig basic , Extended arm, Various strength

Easyrig Various strength (Please specify 400, 500, 600, 750, 850 Newton)

Flowcine Serene

Shulz Sprayoff Micro

Freefly MoVI Pro

If desired accompanied with a Movi Technician / Operator.
1/2 day Movi training also available.
The Movi pro can be completed by choice with the Movi PRO controller / MIMIC / Alpha Wheels from A1 Tools.

Alpha Wheels - 1A Tools

For Movi Control

Cineped Rotational Slider + Quatro legs

This slider has a Mitchell base to mount not only on the Quatro legs but also on other third party Mitchell base tripods, dollies, Hi-hat...
The sliding part comes with all the adapters to use also 100mm and 150mm bowl base Fluid heads.

ScubaCam - Mini/EPIC/F55 Splashbag

ScubaCam - Mini/EPIC/F55 Splashbag
Designed for use in splash areas and for surface, split level and "just below" surface shots. Wired for ARRI LCS and MON out. Hard mounted Manual Follow Focus Wheel.
Length: 50cm. Height: 30cm. Width: 25cm.

Other Film and Digital accessories can be provided as well. Contact us!